Cloudy Urine Pregnancy Gender


Cloudy Urine Pregnancy Gender

This is my first pregnancy and my urine is always cloudy, especially in the mornings. I was reading gender info and it said that cloudy urine was a "boy" thing.
There are a couple wives' tales associated with urine, but only one you should try. The first myth says that if a woman's urine is light in color, it's a girl. If it's bright .
Hmm on one of those predict the baby's gender websites it says: if you are pregnant with a boy you will have bright yellow urine if you are pregnant with a girl .
boy or girl?
Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy Subscribe Us .
Noticeable Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy 1. Urine Color Apparently the color of your urine.
Why is my urine cloudy during pregnancy? It could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. That's pretty common.
Science has not proven any of the myths about determining a baby's gender to be. Mixing a pregnant woman's urine with Drano will result in color changes that .
So I was wondering from the moms that already know their baby's gender.. sister is pregnant too and it has been confirmed she's having a girl and her urine is .
It's not dark or anything, it's light pee but it's cloudy and it's not accompanied. . I also have had cloudy pee off and on during this pregnancy.

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